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How to Prepare Yourself for the Sermon

Each and every Sunday, the Bible is opened and preached from at The Crossing. You expect it and anticipate it, you may even look forward to it, but do you prepare yourself for it? That's right, do you prepare yourself for the sermon each Sunday?

how to prepare yourself for the sermon

Most people don't, but if you choose to start you may just find that the truth within the sermon will go deeper into your heart and stick with you longer. You may even find yourself making some changes in your life in light of the truth from the Bible in the sermon.

6 Steps: How to Prepare Yourself for the Sermon

1. Pray for the sermon. Ask God to bless the teaching and preaching of His word. Ask Him to prepare your heart for receiving the message and applying it to your life. You can do this sometime during the week or even on Sunday morning. 

2. Pray for the preacher. Ask God to bless the preparation time. Ask God to take over in the preparation and in the delivery time of the sermon. It is only by His power that anything said from a mere human being will return with anything of value. 

3. Pray for the whole congregation. Ask God to bless other people at The Crossing as they receive the message from His word alongside you. Ask Him to speak to their immediate situations and to give them encouragement.

4. Bring your Bible with you. There's nothing like being able to handle the Bible yourself in the midst of a sermon. This is especially helpful if you end up bringing a translation that is different from the one being used by the preacher. You'll gain a wider view of what the passage is saying as you listen to it read from stage as well as read it for yourself. You can also consider getting the Bible on your phone via our mobile app or the YouVersion Bible app. Either one are great options. 

5. Get and bring a sermon note journal or notebook. I must say, one of the most formative things I did when I was just beginning to follow Jesus, attend church, and read my Bible was to take notes during the message. You can use a notebook or a nice journal, but use the same thing each week. Write down any key ideas that stick out to you or any statements that are particularly memorable. Another thing you can do is write down whatever Bible passages are read or referred to and then use those as passages to read throughout the following week.

6. Avoid the "they" syndrome. "I wish they (so and so) were here to hear this!" No, let's not go there. Instead, focus on what God is saying to you through the sermon. What is something you can take with you from the sermon and apply to your life? If you stay there, you'll be just fine. [bctt tweet="'I wish they (so and so) were here to hear this!' No, let's not go there." username="The__Crossing"]

Will You?

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